Our Cakes

My cakes are made from scratch with love daily.
I have over 10 years experience in making cakes and aim to exceed the expectations of every customer.


I have a wide range of flavors, If what you would like is not listed please contact me to discuss!

Cake Flavors

Red Velvet
Italian Cream

Pound Cakes: 7-Up , Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, Lemon


Puddings & Cobblers

Banana Bread


  Vanilla Butter Cream

Chocolate Butter Cream

Cream Cheese Frosting

Filling Flavors

Vanilla/Chocolate Butter Cream


Cream Cheese



Sweets And Treats By Mary works with individual customers to create their cake. My aim is to deliver not just an amazing looking cake that will be remembered, but a delicious cake made with the finest ingredients.


We highly recommend that if you have a nut allergy, you do not eat any of our desserts. While not all of our pastries have nuts in them, we do use peanut butter, almonds and other nuts on occasion in our baking. Due to the nature of the way we operate, we cannot isolate any of our pastries from the chance of coming in contact with one of these items. Therefore, please be aware of the risk before ordering.

Dietary Limitations

Unfortunately, we do not offer any sugar-free, gluten-free or eggless cakes. We strongly believe in using the highest quality ingredients available which include real eggs, real butter and real sugar. We do apologize that we cannot accommodate everyone's dietary needs.

My handmade Sweets & Treats START from the following prices:

  • Sliced Cake $5 each
  • Mini Bundt Cakes $5 each
  • Cupcakes  $30dz reg./$42dz jumbo
  • Pies start at $20
  • Cheesecake $25
  • Pound Cakes $40
  • Bundt Cakes $30
  • Loaf Pound Cakes $20
  • Layer Cakes start at $40
  • 1/2 Sheet Cakes $60
  • 1/2 Sheet Cake Rosette $75
  • Full Sheet Cake $140
  • Full Sheet Rosette $165
  • Puddings $30 (Half Pan)
  • Cobblers $40  (Half Pan)
  • Delivery starts at $15 Humble area, inside 610 loop $30 & outside 610 loop $45

*Cakes containing any added ingredients start at $40 for Bundt cakes and $45 for Layer cakes ex. German Chocolate, Italian Cream, Carrot Cake, Pineapple Coconut etc. Cupcakes $10 extra for added ins. ex. Nuts, Fillings, and Fresh Fruit.

*Pies: Buttermilk, Sweet Potato, Cheesecake, Lemon Cream.


Please contact me for an accurate quote specific to your cake order.